certificate courses at GC Sundernagar

NGO NHEPES has arranged four more certificate courses viz.fabrication and welding, plumbing, mobile repair and computers free of cost from Govt. College Sundernagar from April 2011. All this is possible due to hard work and efforts put forward by Dr OP Singh. I would request the entire needy students to get in touch with NHEPES local representative Sh.H.D.NIRALA(RETIRED TEACHER) 9805222396 to find more details and make best use of this opportunity.

In its previous efforts 20 youth from Sandhole and Seoh have undergone Solar Technician training for assembling the Solar lantern. The trainee did get stipend and got the chance to display their assemble lantern and talent in just concluded Shivratri fair in Mandi.

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  1. Dr.O.P.Singh says:

    Dear Anil,
    Thanks for making this information public.I request you people to make a directory of the elite people of Sandhole area settled out side . We should make contacts with them through this site and further strengthen the area.We can seek their help to serve the community in many ways other than employement generation.
    The other general issues to be discussed in future are as under which in my opinion are very important:
    1.Need of Toilet with water provision at Camp(most of the girls and ladies face
    2.Need of Street Light at Camp(most of the passengers feel insecure in dark hours)
    3.Need of Disposal bins at Sandhole area(waste is thrown every where)
    4.Need of Drug awareness camps for the public and students
    5. Need to start Industries rural based at Sandhole
    6.Need of OLD AGE HOME.
    I will also try to convey this same to” our own ” Sh.Sanjeev Katwal OSD for doing the favour in some of these problems.
    Best wishes , keep it up.

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