New Bus Stand

Thakur Mahender Singh, Irrigation & Public Health, Horticulture, Sainik Welfare minister of Himachal Pradesh inaugurated Bus stand ‘Sandhol‘ and laid the foundation stone for the Sericulture Bhawan and Lift water scheme on 24.11.2018 at Sandhol in Dharampur constituency.

On this occasion minister laid found stone for Providing Lift Irrigation scheme for group of 5 panchyats Sandhole, Sohar, Neri, Dattwar and Ghanala, This will cost Rs1924.51 lakhs and will benefit 11 villages in these panchyats.

India is largest consumer of raw silk and having a Sericulture building and centre in area encourage farmers to take sericulture on large scale. It will provide support for rearing houses, modern rearing equipments and technique helping better returns for farmers.

He also started a bus service to Nalagarh, Parwanoo. This will help the people of Dharampur and Sandhole who are working in industrial hub of Himachal Pradesh. Though some people expressed view that route should be revised to make best use of time else bus will be found less taker from this area.

Addressing the public gathering, he said, He and BJP govt is committed for the development of Sandhole and state.

New Bus Stand Building Sandhole

Inauguration of Sandhole Bus stand

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