Inauguration of new bus stand

Finally the day has arrived when Sandhole will have its Bus stand. This will be inaugurated by IPH minister and local MLA Shri Mahendra Singh Thakur on 24th November 2018.

The modern bus stand has its own building, all amenities, booking office, passengers waiting area, toilets apart from others. This is located on the outskirts of Hatnala bazzar.

The construction of this bus stand started many years back but because of political apathy project hanged in limbo.

Earlier bus used to stand in Khand at Basantpur camp with lack of facilities Every year area was being reduced and now big bus struggle to find space to park or take u turn. There was no rest room, seating arrangements for commuters, hope with new facility coming all hardship faced by commuters will go away.

Journey of Sandhole Bus stand

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  1. ThAkur Shahb says:

    Bhai faltu k promotion se kya hoga……bus stand k liye kya airway ban re hai……?????

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