Chamba – Dharampur bus service via Sandhole resumed

HRTC has resumed its service on Chamba-Dharampur route-
Route: Chamba-Jot-Kangra-Tanda-Palampur-Shivnagar-Jaisinghpur-Harsipattan-Sandhol-Marhi-Dharampur
Depot: Chamba
This bus will also make use of Harsipattan bridge, which was opened for public few years ago but didn’t see being used to its full potential and connecting two districts.
Chamba (Dep.)- 7:30 am
Kangra (Dep.)- 1:30 pm
Palampur (Arr.)- 3:00 pm
Dharampur(Arr.)- 7:30 pm

Reverse schedule:
Dharampur (Dep.)- 5:30 am
Palampur (Dep.)- 10:10 am
Chamba (Arr.)- 5:30 pm

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