SAGY Progress report card – Dehla Village #AnuragThakur

PM Shri N Modi launched scheme Prime Minister’s Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna (SAGY) in Oct 2014 which targeted to develop one village to be developed as Role Model (Adarsh) by 2016 and then two more by 2019. Our honourable MP Shri Anurag Thakur adopted Delha village, while making this announcement he promised to turn not three but six villages into adarsh by 2019. He cited mixed community, large population and good support in BJP (his) victory main reason for selection of Delha, with expansion to 5 more villages raised hope the in the next list, one may be from Dharampur constituency as it gave a thumping majority to him in 2015 Lok Sabha election.

After that day of Oct 2014, I have not heard anything about the village Delha and next 5 villages. This may be because I didn’t know more about it or I don’t follow that village or works of Anurag Thakur. I also checked the website of MINISTRY OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT in which this scheme comes but no progress details are available of any village of Himachal Pradesh.

What key changes have been implemented? Is village Delha adarsh now?

3 year of current Govt are already over, was this yojna to fool the public. Can anyone having latest update on this village share the update and prove me wrong? I will be very glad to be proved wrong.

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