Monsoon adventures at Bakkar Khad

The arrival of the rain god almost magically arouses the adventure spirit in us. With new life being breathed into everything around us and school holiday there isn’t a better time to satiate one’s love for the outdoors specially water activities. All sandholian have eagerly waited for this season in their childhood. Though there are many tributaries around sandhole like bakkar, masuat, camp, nagaani but Bakkar Khad has special status. When river is in full swing children love it, elders found it hindrance in their daily routine as it is really difficult to cross it. Children spent whole day enjoying swimming, sun bath and playing other games.

In modern days privileged people in city have access to swimming pool and indulge in water sport but here everyone can enjoy free of cost. It is due to this enthusiasm and love to adventure all of us know swimming.

Monsoon adventures at Bakkar Khad, Sandhole Monsoon adventures at Bakkar Khad, Sandhole

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