Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Dharampur

Nonstop heavy rain wreaked havoc in Mandi district and rest of Himachal Pradesh on 14th Aug 2014 but Dharampur and Sandhole were among the worst impacted areas. The rain has caused massive damages to public and private properties. The flood damaged houses and many people have lost their hard earned money. Local rivulet also swollen into river and created new path, sweeping away whatever came on the way.

The area once again reminded of term ‘Kala Paani’ as it used to be referred due to lack of all-weather road links. Roads were either washed away or buried under landslides triggered due to heavy rains.

The pictures of devastation tell its story. State & Central Govt. should provide immediate help to impacted people and at the same time looking for support from other agencies / individuals.

Govt Senior School Sandhole



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