Heavy rains in Sandhol

Heavy rains are wreaking havoc in Sandhole, Himachal Pradesh. Due to landslides roads got blocked at many places. The temporary bus stand at Basantpur Camp was completely washed. Many landslides were also reported in the other parts.

Bus stand turned into river


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  1. admin says:

    This was the beginning on the 8th/9th of August when rain exposed how ill we are prepared and what kind of civil work has been done by govt. The administration didn’t took any heed for this and situation turned catastrophic on after the heavy rain fall on 14th August 2014. The pictures posted on the social network and newspaper told the whole story. On social media I could see Local MLA Shri Thakur and Shri Shekhar have visited various affected area but none of them were from sandhole. Any update what kind of help is being provided to affected families.

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