CWG2010 – Common Wealth for Corruption

India/Delhi has been news for last two month, thanks to CWG. For some it is one of biggest sports event after Olympics, for other it brings great opportunity for corruption and mess with taxpayer’s common wealth for their personal means. All the parties involved in CWG2010 preparation were not able to finish their tasks on schedule. It may be one working on infrastructure or organizing committee (OC).

So far only two things have gone in favour of India, Grand Opening Ceremony and performance of Indian contingent.

The dazzling opening ceremony to Commonwealth Games was possible after more than 7000 performers worked over a thousand produces for the last 10 months and OC spending more than Rs150cr. But we must remember the disparity of payment to the artist who performed in the event.
People memory is very short lived, most of them will forget the corruption involved and will remember the glitter of gold medals and opening/closing ceremonies.

We should make sincere effort to inculcate the habit of honesty and punish the corrupt, rather than accepting corruption as day to day activities.

Jai Hind.

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