Happy New Year 2014 wishes for you all and a sincere Thank You

Happy New Year wishes for 2014, everyone! Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Let’s make the best use of it. This year has been good for us in a number of way, recently honorable chief minister Shri Virbhardra Singh announced many schemes for area and we believe that promises will be fulfilled and these will not remain just only announcements.

We witnessed initiative of NGO NHEPES, bringing the students from Gujarat to Sandhole and also conducting various training programs. On the technology front we are consistently seeing a footfall of 500+ visitors to www.sandhol.com and blog apart from that FB page has reached 200+ likes. Request all sandholian to follow good practices in their life and promote our area, society.

I would like to end would like to say that Freshness welcomes new shine and brightness of the sun which is always welcome like dawn. Viewing the rising sun motivates you for a fresh, new start, engulfs the fresh air and synergies to create something new and beautiful. Flowing water, gushing rivers, blooming flowers, chirping birds and giggling children will engulf your life with pleasure and happiness.

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