Independence Day – never die spirit

India’s 64th Independence Day is just a few days away, I would like to pay the homage to known & unknown freedom fighters who sacrificed their live so that we can live in peace.

Are we carrying forward their spirit of independence? This is what their vision of free India was? While most of us complain of corruption, bad governance, selfish politicians – bureaucrats, criminals and violence all over, some of us see hope that there are still few who are fighting to build an truly Independent India. The spirit of fight of freedom has not died and there are many to carry forward the torch and making every effort to free India from corruption, violence, dishonesty. We have to deal with social issues professionally and maintain proper accountability of public departments. Right to Information (RTI) act has provided a mechanism for common man to expose the corruption & mis-management.

On this day I would also like to remember all those who achieve the freedom and working hard to keep it.

I would like to invite young sandhol to express their take on Independence.

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