CM to visit Sandhole

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Raja Virbhadra Singh will be visiting Sandhole on Monday 9th Dec 2013, He will address public at 3:00pm. Let see what offers Rajaji has for the people and development of Sandhole.

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  1. Dr.O.P.Singh says:

    One does not feel the strange things near his/her surroundings. But when the outsider visits Sandhole,he/she really ask what type of road the local people have i.e.starting from Badour shahar till bus stand particularly the road on KHUD/tributary .Recently a team of internee from Gujarat were surprised that what type of road it is…our request to all Sandholians to pressurize CM for the road as the local people have experienced road blocks during rainy days..ALL THE BEST,,KUCHH TO MILEGA HI..

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