Indian Hockey & Sandhole’s Volleyball

Volleyball used to number one game of Sandhole and everyone was crazy about it. I used to love it and so others. Sandhole had produced some great player who earned a lot of name and fame and promoted the area. But Cricket mania has eroded all games in the country, same it has also done for the volleyball.

I can compare the situation similar to our National Game Hockey, which most of Indian youth is not aware of. All they know is Cricket, ODI, T20 and now IPL. This year India hosted the men’s hockey world cup and I was surprised to see that people of India showed great interest & enthusiasm, irrespective that our team could not perform much except the first match against Pakistan.

We need to explore similar option in Sandhole to revive the game it is identified by. Children must understand that the Volleyball other that sports, help in inculcating lots of other skills like team spirit, fitness, sportsmanship etc. It is good for spectators as well, doesn’t consume much time.

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