Mahender Singh BJP candidate from Dharampur – 2012

The chain of contesting the HP state legislative assembly election on a different ticket every time has finally broken. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has declared seating MLA Thakur Mahender Singh as party candidate from Dharampur, Mandi. Thakur has a unique record of being elected to the Assembly in five consecutive elections, on five different election symbols. Elected to State Legislative Assembly in February 1990 as an Independent, elected again in 1993 as Congress candidate, in 1998 on HVC ticket, in 2003 as Lok Tantrik Morcha (H.P.) candidate, and in 2007 on BJP ticket.
Once again he accepted the challenge to go back to people, highlighting his works, he did as a minister and MLA. May people will give fair judgment in coming state election.

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3 Responses to Mahender Singh BJP candidate from Dharampur – 2012

  1. admin says:

    Congratulation to Mahender Singh on winning the sixth straight election.

    • Dawn says:

      I guess someone soulhd sue Jaswant for playing pranks. This is too much. I wonder how one of the most sensible guys around in the Parliament is playing such stupid games. Whats wrong with him. Guess age has made him senile, like most of our politicians. I must say though, IMHO, he was a much much better Finance Minister and Foreign Minister than the goons that we have now (As per the doctors of AIIMS, dint PChidambaram tell them Do whatever you want, reservations are here to stay, accept this Sounds like a goonda with no regard for debate). Inflation is on a runaway, prices are rising like anything, we dont see anything good coming our way inspite of the rising taxes every year. And we see PC dictating prices of umbrellas and boot polish instead, like in those oppressive Indira Rajiv years.

  2. Naveen rana says:

    Boht boht badhai dada mahender singh ji hame apke jitne ki behad khushi hai.
    Jai ho baba kamlahia
    jai kara mata sakreni wali da bol saanche darbar ki jai, jai ho.

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