HP Public Service Commission – Adv XII/2009

HP Public Service Commission – Adv XII/2009

Has invited applications from the citizens of India for for the variuos post in the Department of Higher Education HP and others ( FISHRIES , LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT, TECHNICAL EDUCATION HP, Planning HP, Information & Public Relations HP etc)
Principal (College Cadre) 02 post, Lecturer(College Cadre on contract basis) – 164 posts for English, Maths, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Economic, History, Pub.Admn, Geography, Sanskrit, Sociology, Education, Music (V), Music (I), Commerce, Computer Applications, Journalism & MC, Physics, Political Science etc.

Last date submission of application forms is 12/04/10

Refer to govt advertisement for details on vacancies , qualification and T&C.

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