Kolaveri Di – what makes it a hit

The Kolaveri Di is a household name in India and to some extend in rest of world has spread like a wild fire. So what makes it an instant hit, is it Tamilish – English with Tamil accent OR conversational style of singing OR lyrics – the psyche of a lovelorn person OR the recording style. What may be the real reason but release on 16th Nov 2011 on youtube, this video is most viewed and searched song in India and numbers are growing with every passing day.
This will be most sought after song in new year’s parties / celebration all over India leaving far behind more popular Bollywood songs. Originally the Kolaveri means murderous rage, it could rejection of girl that has proved to be murderous for boy been rejected but being used by Tamil youth as slang to silence a cranky person in a group.
South Indian actor singer Dhanush may not have thought of such a success in his dream. Long live Kolaveri Di, it has again proved that music doesn’t belongs to a language/region.

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