KALTRI – sandhole: poor health services

KALTRI, a Prosperous Village from every nick and corner but least connected to health services.Because of less population , there is no source of medicine in the village .If elders are having any ageing problem ,they are not having any source other than traveling for 12-13 KM to nearest Sandhole town.The same with the newly born or other youngsters .It is observed that the eyesight ,Blood Pressure,Blood Glucose disorders are the common feature among the population of this village.If there will be part time arrangement of health worker,there can be fortnightly check up of blood pressure,blood glucose and eyesight.This will also benefit the patients who have admitted/treating themselves in big hospitals.Because it will be either costly affair for them to visit frequently to these hospitals for small routine check up / follow ups.It is purposed that in near future if any one of the qualified lady/girl will be trained for checking up the glucose level,measuring blood pressure and checking of eye sights,the health sector can not be neglected.

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  2. Shahbaz waheed says:

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