10 human skulls found in Kamlah Fort

Mandi, May 4, 2008,

Locals, including the police, are a puzzled lot over the discovery of 10 disintegrated human skulls found at the historic 383 years old Kamlah Fort in Dharampur block in the district today.

Though the police have ruled out the possibility of any recent connection of human skulls related to any murder or so, the discovery has spawned a hectic discussion among historians and cultural pundits over this discovery of 10 human skulls found buried in the premises of the fort.

According to historians, Ishwari Sen built the fort in 1625 AD at an accessible place to store the treasury of the then kings of Mandi state. Kangra’s King Sansar Chand eyed its treasure and hatched conspiracy to capture the fort but the attempt was foiled.

They added that Sen’s forces defeated them and killed some of Sen’s traitors and soldiers of Sansar Chand. “These human skulls could have been dumped in the premises which have been disintegrated over the years,” they said.

As per the history of the Mandi state, the Sihks under general Benchura of Maharaja Ranjit held the fort for six years from 1840-1846. But Raja Balbir Sen sought the help of the British and freed the fort later.”

The historians pointed out that the heads of the enemies of the Raja, which were killed were dumped in the premises. “The treasury of the kings was stored in the Kamlah Fort which was located in an inaccessible place,” revealed historians.

The discovery of Human skull came to light today when a farmer dug up the part of the land near the fort and stumbled upon the human skulls. He then informed the police.

Mandi SP M. Chandra Sekhar said the human skulls appeared to be of the old time. “These were disintegrated beyond recognition. We are asking the forensic experts and archaeologists to examine the human skulls,” he added.

Reference/Source: Tribune India

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