NGO NHEPES has conducted a survey on sanitation issues at SANDHOLE. Now it will launch a campaign “SWACH SANDHOLE ” after Diwali. It will be carried out with associations of local PRI Members and retired personals. It is a request to everyone to publicize it and participate in this for the betterment of Sandhole to make it really Swach town of not Himachal but India too.

Special thanks to Dr OP Singh for sharing this information and the efforts being put by him & NHEPES in Sandhole.

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  1. Rohit Dhiman says:

    sir, did u think that SANDHOLE can be more swach & beautiful if there is busstand & rod etc………….
    i think tht the poltcl ldrs r not taking care abut thissssssss
    i heard that cm prof .prem kumar dhumal said that, all the pradhans writ app. for K.V. school but hav’nt written yet…………………
    we all can think how careless they r, not only the poltcl leaders but 90% ppls of sandhole…………..
    Sorry for my broken English

  2. Amit mandhotra says:

    Jaane kab hum itne bade ho gaye.. kabhi pehli baar school jane me dar lagta tha, aaj milte hi dost ban jate hain… kabhi maa-papa ki har baat scchi lagti thi aaj unhi ko har pal jhutlate hain… pariyon ki kahani ki jagah aaj kal raat ko phone pe dosto ki bate sunna zyada achha lagta hai… pehle 1st ane k liye pure saal padhte the, aaj pass hone ko taraste hain… cartoons ki jagah ab reality shows achhe lagte hain… kabhi chhoti si chot lagne pe itna rote the, aaj dil tut jata hai fir bhi sambhal jate hain… pehle dost bas saath khelne tak yaad rehte the, aaj wahi dost jaan se zyada pyare lagte hain… ek din tha jab pal me ladna pal me manana to roz ka kam tha, aaj jo ek bar juda hue to fir gehre rishte tak kho jaate hain… sach me zindagi ne bahut kuch sikha diya, jane kab hume itna bada bana diya!:(Gud nit

  3. Amit mandhotra says:

    Easy 2 Get Some1 Who Values U,

    Easy 2 Get Some1 Who Likes U,

    Easy 2 Get Some1 Who Misses U,

    BUT Very Rare 2 Get SOME1 Who UNDERSTANDS YOU.. Gud9t

  4. DR.O.P.SINGH says:

    nhepes ngo

    We ourselves should come forward to take initiatives in this regard.For the said programme the members of NHEPES approached all govt authorities concerning the sanitation issue of rural area through mails but surprisingly except one from TSC Shimla(we are thankful to them),we did not even get a reply from others to whom we contacted.This is so called USE OF INTERNET CONNECTIVITY in the state.Our hue and cry can not change the cancerous system.It will take time but there should be self less contribution from all of us.
    There are appr 275 shops in Sandhole town and 300 tenants residing in the vicinity of it.But since the birth of this town , there is not a single dust/garbage bin any of the individual are using.NGO members took the initiative by approaching the PRI members,retired persons and other intellectuals . They all appreciated but were doubtful about the implementation the campaign . At last,the professional scavengers were arranged .They were assured cooperation from all sides and now it is a matter of happiness that DECEMBER 1st 2011 will the new chapter for the SANDHOLE SANITATION.
    After the success fulness of this campaign , same will be implemented in nearby JAISINGHPUR and DHARAMPUR town during 2012.But such type of initiatives requires time,money and patience besides the cooperation from locals if not govt.
    With regards.
    Pradeep Nirala
    Coordinator Himachal -NHEPES

  5. DR.O.P.SINGH says:


    Shimla: Sandhol, since its birth has about 275 shops and 300 tenants residing in the vicinity, but till today there isn’t a single dust/garbage bin that the individuals can use. Taking in consideration this state of affairs NGO NHEPES has started an initiative called Swachh Sandhol Campaign, which will kick off tomorrow. After the completion of this campaign, programme on the same lines will be implemented in Jaisinghpur and Dharampur town during 2012.

    Like any other initiative, this campaign has also faced various obstacles in its journey till here. According to Coordinator Himachal NHEPES Pradeep Nirala, under this programme, the members of NHEPES approached all government authorities regarding the sanitation issue of rural area through mails. But, except TSC Shimla there was no reply from any other authority. NGO members then took the initiative further by approaching the PRI members,retired persons and other intellectuals. The initiative was appreciated by everyone, but there was a doubt over the implementation. However, against all odds professionals were arranged. They assured cooperation from all sides and now, Sandhol will see a new chapter in its sanitation on 1st December, 2011.

  6. how to get whiter teeth says:

    One of my all time favorite quotes seems really fitting here “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.”–Jim Rohn

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